Garage Door Cable Repair

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Trusted Garage Door Cable Repair

When you need fast and efficient garage door cable repair near Chesapeake, VA, our team at Garage Door Enterprises is here to help! We are a locally-owned, family-oriented company that puts the needs of our customers first. We offer a two-year warranty on all our work, so you are guaranteed to receive quality service and products made to last. If you have a loose or broken garage door cable at your residential or commercial property, we can fix it in no time! Contact us today!

The Main Purpose of Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables work hand-in-hand with garage door springs in a counterbalance system to help open and close the garage door. They hold the garage door’s weight and help it open and shut smoothly, evenly, and safely. Garage door cables run along both sides of the garage door and are made of galvanized or heavy-duty steel. The cables are anchored into brackets at the bottom of the door, and they wrap around drums at the top of the door.

Signs You Need Garage Door Cable Repair

When your garage door stops working, it can be challenging to determine what part of the garage door system is malfunctioning. If you see a broken cable hanging from your door, you automatically know you need garage door cable repair. However, not all signs are quite as obvious. Below, we’ve listed several signs that indicate a garage door cable repair is in order. Some signs can also signify other garage door problems, such as garage door spring replacement or garage door opener repair. When in doubt, schedule a service appointment, and one of our trained technicians can inspect your garage door and determine what repairs are needed. 

You may need garage door cable repair if:

  • You notice loose or hanging cables.
  • The garage door isn’t aligned properly.
  • The garage door is difficult to open or close manually.
  • You hear a loud banging or popping noise coming from the garage door.
  • You hear grinding or squeaking noises during the operation.
  • The garage door makes jerking motions or opens extra slowly.
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Emergency Garage Door Cable Repair Near Chesapeake, VA

Garage Door Enterprises offers same-day garage door cable repair for emergencies requiring immediate attention. If you are stuck in or out of your home’s garage or business operations are delayed due to a broken cable on your commercial door, call us immediately! We keep our service vehicles stocked with garage door cable repair and replacement parts to ensure fast and efficient garage door service near Chesapeake, VA. Whether your garage door cables are loose, worn down, frayed, or completely broken, we have the tools and experience to fix them!

Schedule Fast & Affordable Garage Door Cable Repair

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We proudly serve our customers near Chesapeake, VA, and the surrounding communities with high-quality garage door cable repair. Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in the garage door industry, and our technicians are trained on the latest safety protocols and repair methods to ensure quality service. Be sure to visit our Specials page for discounts on garage door service. Make an appointment today, and our Garage Door Enterprises team will gladly serve you.

Garage door cables last approximately 10-15,000 cycles. Depending on how frequently you use your garage door, this equates to about 8-12 years.

Yes, garage door cables need regular maintenance to increase their functionality and lifespan. We recommend scheduling maintenance yearly, during which a technician will inspect the garage door cables for wear and tear, and recommend garage door cable repair as needed.

When one garage door cable snaps, the other cable attempts to take on the additional weight. This uneven weight distribution and strain on the working cable can cause the garage door to open crookedly or unevenly. The garage door might also make loud grinding or squeaking noises. If this happens, contact our team for garage door cable repair right away!

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