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Garage door repair comes with owning your home’s most important moving door. Once you hit the “open” button on your garage door remote, you set a complex series of events in motion. The motor gets the door going, and that causes the springs to release their energy. They transfer this energy to the pulleys which transfer it to the cables which pull on the door, causing it to rise. If one of the parts in your garage door system breaks down, Garage Door Enterprises in Accomac VA is the best garage door repair company to call.

Don’t Delay Garage Door Cable or Spring Repair

One of the many garage door repairs Garage Door Enterprises frequents in Accomac VA is garage door cable and spring repair. They work together each time the door needs to lift or close. The garage door springs transfer their energy to the door. Without the cables to hold the door, the springs are useless in lifting the door. Delaying garage door repair will only wear down the other parts of your garage door, and disrupt the function of your other garage door parts. Contact Garage Door Enterprises for cable and spring repair or replacement in Accomac VA.



Dreading a Heavy DIY Project?

If you suspect that you have a broken garage door in Accomac VA, we don’t recommend you fix this yourself. Your DIY project could just consist of visually inspecting what the source of the problem could be. Notice if your garage door is straining as it’s opening or closing. Listen to your garage door when it’s moving. Notice if anything is loose or broken. You also want to look out for any fallen pieces of hardware like springs, cables, or rollers. If this is the case, contact Garage Door Enterprises immediately. When your garage refuses to open or fully close, we want to get you and your family back to your regular schedule.
garage door repair Accomac VA

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Whatever type of garage door services you need in Accomac VA, Garage Door Enterprises is here for you! We’re equipped to repair, replace, or maintain any of your garage door needs, and we’ll have your garage door fixed in no time! Get your garage door back to optimal performance. Contact us today for more information about our garage door services in Accomac VA.

Your first step is to call Garage Door Enterprises immediately! The nearest technician will come to your home as soon as you call us. You’re welcome to make an appointment with us online! View our service area page to see the wide area of garage door repair coverage we service near Accomac VA.

The first step is to check if something’s blocking your garage door sensors. These sensors are located at the base of your garage door. If the sensors can’t see each other, the door won’t close. This keeps it from closing on any people, pets, or possessions. Try clearing away any dust or dirt from the sensors and ensure they’re aligned properly and that nothing’s in the way. If this still doesn’t work, call us, and we’ll inspect your garage door and opener.

Our team at Garage Door Enterprises are highly qualified experts in anything garage door-related. Included in your maintenance or repair appointment, we can check if your insulation is up to safety code, or needs replacing.
Insulated garage doors are recommended wherever there are shifts in temperatures—although there are several other benefits to insulated garage doors—and harsh Virginia winters are bound to wear down the entire garage door system without insulation.