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Garage door screens are a clever invention that offers many benefits. They have become more popular over the past few years, due to their convenience and easy operation. They’re relatively affordable and can be installed by our team here at Garage Door Enterprises! With years of experience, our service professionals handle garage door screen installation with accuracy and efficiency. We prioritize excellent customer service and dedicate the same amount of diligence to each project. If you’re ready for a new garage door screen installation, let our team handle it today! 

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What is a Garage Door Screen? 

Garage door screens are versatile and lightweight, available in many different options. They come manual and motorized, with varying price points. Garage door screens are installed behind the garage door, fully retractable for convenient operation. When they’re not in use, they can be stored away; you won’t even notice they’re there!

Garage screen doors also offer wonderful options for their durability. Constructed from mildew-resistant material, they’re able to resist mold and other forms of plant growth, staying clean and reliable year-round.

Our customers love garage screen doors because they are very easy to use and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Maybe manufacturers also offer a variety of options including motorized screens, motorized shades, screen enclosures, and retractable screen doors. If you want to increase the comfort of enjoying your outdoor space, consider a garage door screen!

Why Invest in a Garage Door Screen? 

  • Gives Privacy: Relax in your garage without having eyes on you. 
  • Provides Shade: The garage will stay at a cooler temperature with a screen in place. 
  • Keeps Pests Out: One of the best benefits: no more critters in the garage! 
  • Reduces Heat Glare from Driveway: When the sun bears down on the driveway, it won’t influence the garage as much. 
  • Conserves Energy: By conserving energy, you’ll save money! 
  • Protects Outdoor Furniture from Sun Fading: Keep outdoor furniture in the garage to reduce the impact of the sun.

Offering Garage Door Screen Installation Near You

Garage Door Enterprises offers garage door screen installation near you! With our friendly, professional technicians, we’re happy to provide quality installation services. Have questions about garage door screens? Contact our team today!