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Explore The World of Industry Leading Linear Garage Door Openers

Go against the grain, and explore Linear’s garage door opener products with us! Linear garage door openers supply boundless connectivity options with exceptional built-in features to secure homes and businesses alike.

There are many brands of garage door openers, most of which claim to be the best. A quality garage door opener will offer modern safety and security features to mitigate risks of injury or damage. First, we’ll discuss a key feature Linear distinguishes for their products, and we’ll compare their top featured products. There are also a few things you should consider when choosing a garage door opener, and we’ll highlight those deciding factors, so you can make a well-informed decision for you and your garage door.

Understanding the Difference Between Garage Door Opener Power Styles

Linear garage door openers distinguish themselves as a brand that is known for their direct and alternating motor styles, or DC-powered and AC-powered for short. An alternating current goes to and from the motor continuously, changing directions, while a direct current constantly flows in one direction. AC garage door openers are built for higher durability, and needed for powerful output. DC openers are a newer power style known for their quiet operation and regulated power source. Both motor styles are still popular among residential and commercial properties, but our Garage Door Enterprises install experts can help you decide which power style is right for you.

Essential Safety Elements For Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Sensors- Laser sensors are installed at the base of the garage door which recognize obstacles or movement under the garage door. 

Automatic Reversing System- The garage door will automatically reverse if it hits an object. 

Manual Release- This allows homeowners to open a garage door manually during a power outage. 

Battery Backups- Enables garage doors to continue operating during power outages.


Convenience And Advanced Technology Features

Smartphone/WiFi/Bluetooth Capabilities- Open and close your garage door from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. 

Rolling Code Security Technology- Choose a new code with each user of your garage door opener and protect your home from intruders.

Keypad- A keypad attached to the outside of a garage door frame enables you to open and close a garage door without a remote, using a code. 

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Featured Products From Linear

Out of the many garage door opener products that Linear has available, we set aside the top three featured on their site. Their state-of-the-art products aren’t for the technologically weak, but they have plenty of options for essential system automation. Ranging from their smart garage door opener to their simple garage door openers, view the below featured Linear opener products:

linear garage door openers

Smart Linear DC-Powered

  • Linear Smart App Advanced offers real-time monitoring and control of garage door from any device
  • Includes the most advanced lighting features, claims to never have to change a light bulb again.
  • Low power switch mode reduces energy consumption

    Bonus Features:
  • Self-diagnostic, and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Elan Home systems
AC-powered opener

Linear- AC-Powered

  • ½ horsepower
  • Diagnostic system can identify 6 garage door issues
  • 3-button visor remote
  • Motor Warranty: Lifetime
    Mechanical Warranty: 5 years
    Electronics Warranty: 1 year

    Bonus Features:

  • Includes noise-reducing foam and vibration-isolation mounting brackets
  • Compatible with belt or chain-drive rails

A Brief on Garage Door Opener History– From Then to Now

Garage doors used to receive signals via radio waves. The remote control would send signals in the form of radio frequencies to open or close. When you pressed a button on the remote control, it emitted a specific radio frequency signal that corresponded to a unique code. This code was programmed to match the receiver unit in the garage door opener. As technology has advanced, Linear’s MegaCode radio system has over a million unique codes and customizable access for up to 10 users as an added layer of security.



linear garage door openers

Linear DC-Powered

  • Durable lifting power of 800 Newtons for heavy doors
  • Optional battery backup
  • Built-in MegaCode format receiver, providing unparalleled security
  • Motor Warranty: Lifetime
    Mechanical Warranty: 5 years
    Electronics Warranty: 1 year

Our Quality-Driven Company Works With Linear

Our team at Garage Door Enterprises has years of experience helping families, friends and neighbors with their garage doors and openers. Coming from a Nice brand (no pun intended), Linear Garage Door Openers is a quality brand that is a mainstay for reliable installation or repair. If you’re interested in more information about garage door opener installation, visit our page or contact Garage Door Enterprises near Chesapeake, VA and Currituck, NC. As your local garage door and opener company, we’re happy to help!