Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repair Near Chesapeake, VA

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Chesapeake VA Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repair

Looking for commercial overhead door operator repair near Chesapeake, VA? Choose the professionals you can trust at Garage Door Enterprises! Don’t let an operator malfunction slow you down. Contact our team of trained and experienced garage door technicians, and we’ll get your overhead door back on track in no time! As a local, woman and family-owned business, we go above and beyond for the communities we serve. We care for your overhead doors and operators with pride because that’s what community is all about! 

The Main Functions of Commercial Overhead Door Operators

Overhead door operators are vital to the daily operations of businesses and establishments that depend on automatic door function. Whether your commercial doors are used on a loading dock, in a parking garage, restaurant, or shopping center, overhead door operators keep your employees and customers safe while securing your property, not to mention the slew of modern technology features that add convenience and ease of use!

Same-Day Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repair

When your commercial overhead door stops working, you need solutions fast! And that’s where Garage Door Enterprises comes in. Our team offers same-day commercial overhead door operator repair because we know the impact a broken operator or overhead door can have on your business! If you’re unsure whether you need commercial overhead door operator repair or a different commercial door repair, we will inspect your door system, identify the issue, and recommend long-lasting solutions. For fast and affordable commercial services, schedule an appointment today!

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Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repairs We Offer

Whether the repair you need is simple or complex, our Garage Door Enterprises team is equipped to handle it! With well over 25 years of garage door experience, we specialize in helping you keep your doors operating smoothly with commercial overhead door operator repair for every part and component imaginable, including (but not limited to): 

  • Chain or Belt Replacement
  • Motor and Motor Brackets Repair or Replacement
  • Gear and Sprocket Replacement 
  • Gear Cases and Covers
  • Safety Sensor and Photo Eyes Repair and Alignment
  • Circuit Board and Control Panel Repair/Replacement
  • Limit Switch Adjustment or Replacement
  • Remote Control Repair/Replacement
  • Keyless Entry System Repair
  • Wall Buttons and Control Station Repair
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Trolley or Carriage Repair/Replacement
  • Emergency Release Repair/Replacement
  • Maintenance, Inspection, and Lubrication
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Signs You Need Commercial Door Operator Repair

Sometimes, a door operator will stop working suddenly, but more often than not, signs indicate a part needs maintenance, repair, or replacement. It’s important to contact Garage Door Enterprises when you first notice an issue with your door system because acting fast can prevent further damage to other overhead door components. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration of dealing with multiple repairs by scheduling commercial overhead door operator repair if you notice any of the following:

  • Your overhead door doesn’t open or close properly
  • Your overhead door makes unusual noises during operation
  • Your overhead door reverses direction mid-cycle
  • Your overhead door opener motor runs continuously
  • Your overhead door opens or closes more slowly than usual
  • Your overhead door opener light doesn’t turn on or off properly
  • Your overhead door opens partially and then stops mid-cycle
  • Your overhead door opener emits a burning smell
  • Your overhead door opener remote, wall switch, or control panel doesn’t work

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Receive a FREE estimate on commercial overhead door operator repair when you call Garage Door Enterprises today! We also offer a 2-year service warranty on parts and labor. You can’t go wrong choosing our team for all your commercial overhead door needs. Contact us now!

Frank Hunt
Frank Hunt
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We lived with a "operationally challenged" wall switch for well over a year. We called one afternoon and we were set up for a service call the next morning. Then about 30 minutes later, we were called with for a chance to knock it out that afternoon. The very polite and effective technician arrive an hour later, replaced our switch, and was on his way. Couldn't be happier with their organization or performance!
John Doe
John Doe
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Glad I called GDE for my garage door repair. Jonathan diagnosed the problem swiftly and completed the repair in a timely manner. Very satisfied with their response and quality of workmanship. I will not hesitate to call them again for any issue with my garage doors
Steve Foster
Steve Foster
Read More
You guys were awesome! From the quick response time estimating the job, to the outstanding quality of workmanship when the door was installed. The admin ladies were very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend GDE to family and friends, and would most likely use their services in the future when needed. In my opinion GDE exceeds a 5 stars rating. Thank you again from a satisfied customer.
Gerry Hupp
Gerry Hupp
Read More
Very impressed with Garage Door Enterprise…Jonathan installed two heavy duty springs… and in fact … found a major flaw in the initial installation in 2006.. that required his attention…Great attention to detail…Recommended how I can improve longevity of my springs….He was very professional with a great attitude ….Nothing but quality work at an acceptable price… Would highly recommend

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a commercial overhead door operator can last 10-20 years. The lifespan of an operator depends on several factors, such as:

  • Quality of the operator
  • Frequency of use
  • Maintenance Routine
  • Environmental Factors
  • Overhead Door Type/Weight

Yes, we do! If your commercial door operator is old, damaged beyond repair, or you want to upgrade your operator to take advantage of the latest and greatest features, contact our team for more information about the brands and models we offer!

Yes, annual maintenance helps commercial overhead door operators last longer! Inspections, adjustments, lubrication, etc., performed by a professional technician keep your operator healthy and operating at maximum capacity.