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With the garage door quickly becoming the primary entrance for many American homeowners, garage door openers are experiencing wear and tear more quickly. With this inevitable wear and tear due to increased use, garage door opener repair service will eventually become necessary. When you have a broken garage door opener, choose the experts at Garage Door Enterprises for garage door opener repair near Chesapeake VA.

Why Choose Us For Garage Door Opener Repair?

  • We offer free estimates.
  • We guarantee quality workmanship with a 2-year service warranty.
  • We provide emergency repairs when you need help the most.
  • We offer both residential and commercial garage door services.
  • We’re a locally owned and operated garage door company.
  • Our service areas extend to numerous cities surrounding Chesapeake, VA.
  • We offer special discounts to military personnel and seniors over 65.
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Don’t Delay Garage Door Opener Repair Near Chesapeake VA

When you have a broken garage door opener or need garage door opener bracket repair, let us come to you with our 24/7 emergency garage door opener repair services. It is our aim to serve your home with the best efficiency, restoring your garage door to its peak condition. Don’t hesitate to call today for garage door opener repair. We’ll be happy to serve you!

Acting fast when you notice an issue with your garage door is essential. Ignoring signs that your door or opener needs repair is risky. Minor issues left alone can lead to more extensive damage, which may cost more time and money to repair. There is also a safety and security risk involved, so don’t delay needed repairs! Stay proactive and contact our team at the first sign of trouble.



How do I know if my garage door opener is broken?

When your garage door won’t open suddenly, the problem is likely a broken garage door opener or spring. If your garage door can be opened manually but not with the remote or keypad, you need garage door opener repair. The most common signs that you need garage door opener repair include:

  • The garage door remote isn’t working. 
  • The garage door won’t close.
  • The garage door won’t close all the way. 
  • The garage door opens by itself.
  • The garage door won’t close with the remote. 
  • The garage door keypad is not working.
  • The garage door won’t open.

Broken Garage Door Sensor 

If your garage door starts to close and reverses, you have an issue with your garage door sensor. These sensors are installed on either side of your garage opening as an important safety feature. A garage door sensor monitors the garage entry, triggering an automatic reversal if something or someone crosses the garage door sensor beam. 

However, a garage door sensor can get dirty or out of alignment over time, causing your garage door to malfunction. Usually, cleaning or realigning the two sensors will fix the problem, allowing your garage door to operate normally. If not, schedule garage door opener repair with us by calling today.

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Here at Garage Door Enterprises, it is our goal to provide your home with the best garage door repair service. No matter the needs of your garage door system, we are equipped with the tools and expertise to give you the best outcome. Whether your garage door won’t close or you need spring replacement, give us a call to schedule your garage door repair. We even offer emergency garage door repair in and around Chesapeake, VA to solve your garage door problems when you need us most. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most garage door openers will last around 10-15 years. This depends on the opener brand and how often your garage door is in use. Trusted brands such as LiftMaster and Genie have been known to last a very long time. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance once your opener reaches 10-12 years old to extend its lifespan and prevent any emergency issues. 

If your garage door won’t open or close, it may be an issue with the garage door opener. However, a lot of the time, when your remote or keypad won’t work, it just needs new batteries. For some troubleshooting, you can replace the batteries in your remote, ensure it’s connected to power, reset the system, and check that your safety sensors are working. Also, make sure the opener isn’t locked. This sometimes happens when the red emergency cord is pulled by accident. If these troubleshooting methods don’t work, give us a call. We can assess your garage door system and identify the issue that is preventing your garage door from working.

Belt drive and direct drive openers are the quietest garage door openers. They run with rubber belts and minimal moving parts, which makes for a less noisy operation. They do come with a higher price tag, but you’ll be grateful for a quiet garage door, especially if you have teenagers coming in late at night. 

If your garage door opener is flashing, it’s probably pointing to a sensor issue. You have two garage door sensors that prevent the garage door from closing on anything underneath it. If the sensors are not aligned or damaged, it may cause the garage door opener to flash and not allow the garage door to close. Try cleaning and realigning your garage door sensors. If this doesn’t work, give us a call and we can determine the issue with your garage door opener.