Commercial Overhead Door Operators Near Chesapeake, VA

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Commercial Overhead Door Operators Can Make Your Business More Efficient

A commercial overhead door operator is the backbone of your business’ doors. Without an operator, your business won’t be able to operate effectively. Special operators are necessary for high-speed, frequently used, and heavy doors. A regular opener can’t handle this high level of use. You’ll need a specialized operator to handle these doors! A good commercial overhead door operator will allow you to focus more on your business and less on how your door is performing. Contact us to get your new commercial overhead door operator.

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Types of Commercial Overhead Door Operators

There are many types of commercial operators that can serve your business well, depending on your needs. If you have an extra heavy garage door, we can find the perfect jackshaft operator for you. Or, if you have high-speed doors, we can get an opener to match. Have a certified fire door? We’ll get the opener that works best for that. View our complete list of commercial overhead door operators below.

  • Belt Drive Operators
  • Chain Drive Operators
  • Screw Drive Operators
  • Jackshaft Operators
  • Trolley Operators
  • Hoist Operators
  • Slide Operators
  • High-Speed Operators
  • Fire Door Operators
  • Rolling Steel Door Operators
  • Grille Door Operators
  • High-Cycle Operators
  • Battery Backup Operators
  • Smart Commercial Operators

Our Favorite Operator Brands

We love installing Guardian Garage Door Openers. For the past 30+ years, they have been working on creating the best openers in the business! You can always trust Guardian to provide quality operators.

We also install Linear Garage Door Openers. Linear has been serving customers with excellence since 1961 and offers a great selection of openers for your business.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers is one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Their heavy-duty operators will keep your business running smoothly for a long time.

Our Featured Commercial Operators

LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator

LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator

This operator is the most powerful one Linear offers! It features dual lighting and the ability to work with several different drive types. Contact us for more details on this operator or to get yours today!

Gearhead Hoist Operator - Logic 5.0

Gearhead Hoist Operator – Logic 5.0

This heavy-duty operator can handle the toughest commercial overhead door you can throw at it! This operator is great for high-cycle doors!

Why You Need a Commercial Overhead Door Operator Installation

When you get a new commercial overhead door operator, let a professional install it! We’ll make sure your door is properly balanced so your operator can perform at its best. Let the professionals handle your commercial overhead door operator installation.

We can handle all commercial overhead door operator repairs and installations. Whatever your operator needs, we can help! Contact us to get started!

Contact Us to Get Your Commercial Overhead Door Operator

When you’re ready for a new commercial overhead door operator, contact Garage Door Enterprises! We’ll help you determine which type of operator is best for your business. Whether you need a replacement operator and know exactly what you need or have no idea what’s best for your door, we can help! Contact us today in Chesapeake, VA to get started!

Give us a call, and we’ll determine the right operator for your business.

We recommend yearly inspections to keep your operator in the best shape possible! Regular maintenance can stop costly repairs from happening.