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What Are Wind Load Garage Doors?

In high wind regions that experience hurricanes, wind load garage doors are an important precaution to help protect your home. Because your garage is a vulnerable entry point during a hurricane, you need hurricane garage doors to ensure that your home remains secure. Using additional garage door struts and horizontal braces, hurricane garage doors won’t buckle inward even during winds upwards of 150 mph. By choosing a hurricane proof garage door for your garage door installation, you can feel confident in your home’s structural integrity during hurricane season.

But choosing the functionality of hurricane rated garage doors doesn’t mean sacrificing curb appeal. Our garage door manufacturers, Amarr and CHI, both have a wide variety of options for hurricane garage doors. This means you can still design the perfect new garage door to complement and protect your home. From carriage house to modern to faux wood, let us help you design a beautiful wind load garage door.

Benefits of Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Additional Strength – Typical garage doors are not built to withstand strong winds with only 3-4 interior struts. But with hurricane rated garage doors, you get numerous additional garage door struts to ensure that your garage door panels can’t bow or bend even during winds of 150 mph or more. 

Safety – Did you know that your garage is one of the most vulnerable entry points for hurricane force winds? That is why hurricane garage doors are an important investment to ensure that your home and family remains safe. Don’t let garage door failure during a hurricane become a danger for your home!

Customizations – Working with multiple garage door manufacturers, we bring you the best options for customizing your hurricane rated garage doors. From insulation to wind load upgrades to exterior finish, we are here to make sure that your new hurricane garage doors are built to your exact specifications.

Coastal Cities That Need Hurricane Garage Doors

If you’ve lived along the coast of Virginia for years as we have, you know that hurricane season is a major concern every year. Living along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay comes with a trade off of upgraded hurricane protection improvements for your home. We especially recommend finding a local garage door company for hurricane door installation if you live in any of the following coastal cities:

hurricane garage doors

Hurricane Garage Door Installation Near Chesapeake VA

When you’re ready to upgrade the safety and beauty of your home with hurricane garage doors, contact the experts at Garage Door Enterprises. We have been operating in the Chesapeake VA area for decades so we are very familiar with the unique needs of local homes. This means we can confidently perform your hurricane garage door installation with the best products and expertise. So give us a call today! We’d love to discuss all your options for new garage door installation Chesapeake VA.

The cost of hurricane garage doors ranges from $750-$3000. This depends on if you have single or double garage doors.

Hurricane garage doors are made of fiberglass, which is a fiber-reinforced plastic that uses glass fiber. Fiberglass is extremely durable and can withstand strong winds and flying objects. Fiberglass is also long-lasting, so you can be protected by your garage door for an extended period of time. We can also additional struts to the back of your existing garage door to make it hurricane-proof. 

If you have a hurricane garage door, we recommend using a chain drive garage door opener or a wall mount garage door opener. These garage door openers are built for heavy-duty lifting and can withstand the weight of a hurricane garage door longer than other garage door openers. You should also consider getting a battery backup if you have hurricane garage doors, so you can assure your garage door will work during a power outage.