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Looking for Garage Door Conversion?

Are you interested in converting a standard lift door to a high lift? High lift garage door tracks offer many benefits with their ability to create additional space in the garage. If you’re a car lover, you may want to consider high lift garage door conversion at your home! With this garage door system upgrade, you’ll be able to store a car above another car. Garage doors for car lifts have become more popular recently, as this is an easy and affordable way to make room in your garage. High lift tracks are installed close to the ceiling in the garage door’s headroom, which opens up overhead space. The garage door will then sit closer to the ceiling, freeing up the garage for you to convert it into any additional space you’d like. 

Garage Door Enterprises handles excellent garage door conversions with strong attention to detail. If you want your garage door track installation done right, we’re the team to call! Our technicians operate with a customer service first mindset, which means we’re always focused on extending the best garage door service possible. With thorough training on garage door lifts, we’re prepared to handle your garage door conversion project with safety and professionalism.

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Choosing A High Lift Door

Scheduling a high lift garage door conversion can be a great option if you’re looking to open more space in your garage. It may be that you want to clear cars from your driveway or store more items in your garage. Some people convert their garages into workshops, studios, an additional room, or even a gym. In this case, having a high lift track will allow your garage door to be stored higher, which creates more space in the garage. 

High lift garage doors are also easy to use, which means anyone can benefit from them! If you decide on a garage door conversion, it’s likely that you’ll need to invest in a high lift garage door opener as well. One choice may be a jackshaft garage door opener, which is built to be attached to the wall. Since the high lift tracks will occupy the space normally reserved for the opener, the garage door opener will have to be moved to the wall. We can help you choose the best wall mount garage door opener for your new high lift track system. After years of testing garage door openers, we know the best ones on the market. 

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High Lift Garage Door Maintenance 

For high lift garage doors to stay functioning properly, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance. All high lift tracks and hardware, such as the springs and cables, need to be lubricated and examined at least once a year. Lubrication of high lift tracks will ensure they move smoothly and don’t become stiff with age. Garage door hardware experiences severe wear and tear, as it’s constantly in use. If you notice any abnormal signs occurring in your garage, don’t hesitate to schedule garage door maintenance. It may be that your garage door is moving slowly or making grinding noises. Even smaller signs like these can point to large issues that could leave your door out of commission.

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Garage Door Enterprises specializes in high lift garage doors! If you’re interested in a high lift garage door conversion, our team is ready to tackle your project. We work diligently to be your number one choice for garage door services near Chesapeake, VA! Our affordable garage door track installations are done efficiently with the best methods we’ve learned. Contact us today to learn more about garage door lifts!

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It’s not difficult at all for a trained professional to do this. Our technicians can easily perform this task. We don’t recommend that you attempt it, however. Let our technicians handle it for you.

The garage door can get as close as 12-15 inches. This saves you a lot of room!

Vertical lift garage doors open straight upwards, without any curve in the tract. These are used more in commercial buildings that have massive ceilings. High lift doors curve and are held close to the ceiling.

Any size garage should work just fine with a high lift garage door. Schedule an appointment and we can measure your garage to see if it would be a good fit for high lift tracks.