Commercial Overhead Door Operator Installation

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Professional Commercial Overhead Door Operator Installation

You can have the best commercial overhead door installed at your place of business, but without a suitable overhead door operator to enable automatic operation, your door would become more of a nuisance than anything! Garage Door Enterprises offers commercial overhead door operator installation near Chesapeake, VA to keep your commercial doors running smoothly and efficiently. 

Whether you need an entire overhead door operator and commercial door installation, or you want to replace your existing commercial operator with an updated model, our team is here to offer professional commercial overhead door operator installation you can trust!

Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Overhead Door Operator

A commercial overhead door operator installation provides several benefits besides automatic opening and closing functions. Enjoy the many advantages an upgraded commercial door operator offers, including:
  • Improved safety features that reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Advanced security features that safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Reduced energy consumption and increased energy efficiency that lead to lower operational costs.
  • Increased door speed and improved operation, leading to maximum productivity.
  • Quieter door operation.
  • Remote door access, monitoring capabilities, and smart technology that adds convenience and security.
  • Professional commercial overhead door operator installation ensures your system complies with industry standards and local regulations.
  • Extended lifespan, less maintenance requirements, and reduced risk of needing commercial overhead door operator repair, which can halt business operations.
  • A new and technologically advanced operator will positively impact your business’ image and reputation amongst customers and employees.

Types of Commercial Door Operators We Install

The type of commercial door operator you choose will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Our Garage Door Enterprises team goes to great lengths to ensure that the operator you choose for your commercial overhead door operator installation is compatible with your current door system and is capable of handling the demands of daily use in your facility. Choose from the following types of commercial door operators, and we’ll recommend the best brand and model for your business!

  • Belt Drive Operators
  • Chain Drive Operators
  • Screw Drive Operators
  • Jackshaft Operators
  • Trolley Operators
  • Hoist Operators
  • Slide Operators
  • High-Speed Operators
  • Fire Door Operators
  • Rolling Steel Door Operators
  • Grille Door Operators
  • High-Cycle Operators
  • Battery Backup Operators
  • Smart Commercial Operators
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Our Commercial Overhead Door Operator Installation Process

With over 20 years of experience providing commercial overhead door services near Chesapeake, VA, and nearby service areas, Garage Door Enterprises makes the installation process simple! Our trained and professional team of technicians will walk you through every step of the commercial door operator installation process from start to finish. Feel free to contact our team at any point with additional questions or concerns about our easy, 3-step installation process. 

Step 1: We start with an initial assessment, including a site inspection. We’ll take accurate measurements to determine exactly what type of operator your existing door needs. 

Step 2: Our team will recommend the best commercial door operator products based on your garage space, door weight and size, and desired operator features. 

Step 3: Once we’ve acquired your chosen operator, our expert team of installers will remove the old operator and complete the installation efficiently and with great attention to detail. After making final adjustments and performing safety checks, we’ll do a final walk-through to ensure you fully understand how to use your new opener and all its features.

We highly recommend Guardian Garage Door Openers! Contact our team for detailed information about the models we offer.

Yes! We recommend yearly professional tune-ups for your commercial door operator to continue working smoothly. Our team will lubricate moving parts, complete a full inspection, and report any damage. Preventative maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your commercial operator. 

Depending on the quality of the opener and the initial installation, frequency of use, weather conditions, and ongoing maintenance, a commercial door operator should last anywhere from 10-15 years.

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