Modern Garage Doors Near Chesapeake, VA

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What are Modern Garage Doors?

Do you have a streamlined, contemporary home, and you’re looking for the perfect garage door to complement it? Check out modern garage doors! Modern garage doors have been trending upward in recent years because of their minimalist look that beautifully complements contemporary homes. These characteristics are common with modern garage door design:

  • A glass or metal construction
  • Clean, geometric lines
  • No external hardware
  • Bold color choices or natural wood tones

In choosing the best material, paneling, and accents for your modern garage door, focus on simplicity and minimalism to best bring out your home’s beauty. 

At Garage Door Enterprises, we stand out with our years of experience in helping local homeowners design beautiful new garage doors to upgrade their curb appeal. Our team can guide you throughout the process of shopping for a new garage door! Our expertise in modern garage doors is unparalleled. If you’re interested in our options for modern garage doors in Chesapeake, VA, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

Top Modern Garage Door Styles

When it comes to designing your modern garage door, there are three top styles: full-view glass, flush panels, and custom wood. Let’s walk through the details of each to help you make the best choice for upgrading your home.

Full-View Glass Garage Doors

Full-view glass garage doors are our favorite option for modern garage door design. They create an unparalleled modern aesthetic with wide glass panels and a sturdy aluminum frame for long-term durability. You will love the incredible natural light that full-view glass garage doors add to your garage, allowing you to turn it into a car display, home office, or entertaining space.

Glass Garage Doors

Flushed Panel Garage Doors

Flush-panel garage doors are typically constructed from steel or aluminum and consist of wide panels without raised or recessed designs. Their minimalist simplicity complements the clean, geometric lines often found in modern and contemporary homes. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your flush-panel garage doors with wide windows, which can enhance their appearance and allow natural light to enter the garage.

After Garage Door Installation - Modern Garage Door

Custom Wood Garage Doors

If you prefer a more rustic modern finish, check out custom wood garage door options. We love wood garage doors with flush or grooved panels, ideal for midcentury or farmhouse modern homes. You can also add metal accents and windows for more contemporary appeal. 

modern garage doors

Contact Us to Learn More About Modern Garage Doors

After hearing all the incredible customizations available for modern garage doors, are you ready to explore options in person? Garage Door Enterprises would love to assist you during an in-home consultation. We serve Chesapeake, VA, and the surrounding areas with qualified, local garage door installation. We’d love to help you design a beautiful modern garage door and install it in your home with excellence. Contact us now to set up your appointment!

Modern Garage Doors from Our Favorite Brand

We love selling and installing Garaga Garage Doors because of their versatile, durable products. These allow us to consistently deliver a great outcome for garage door installation near Chesapeake, VA. When it comes to modern garage doors, two Garaga models stand out: the California and the Top Tech. 


The California is a full-view glass garage door available in seven panel options to create a unique look for your glass panels and aluminum frame. You can also choose between multiple standard and semi-custom frame colors and fourteen glass finishes, ranging from clear to tempered to tinted. 

Top Tech

If you’re looking for a flush-panel garage door, we love recommending Garaga’s Top Tech. It’s available in three unique panel designs and a textured, white steel finish, creating a clean, modern look to complement any contemporary home. This modern garage door also has a polyurethane-insulated interior, helping improve the energy efficiency and temperature control of your garage and home.