Wood Garage Doors Near Chesapeake, VA

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Treat Your Wood Garage Doors With TLC

Wood garage doors make a statement for their natural beauty, durability, and effortless style. Garage Door Enterprises conducts wood garage door installations for Currituck County, NC and Accomack County, VA, and we can tell you all the ways to make sure they stay in good shape.

While we make sure your garage door operates smoothly, the surface of your wood garage door needs extra attention. Wood garage doors do particularly well in cold and dry climates due to their low thermal conductivity.

Custom Wood Garage Door Installation

Taking your wood garage door installation further than standard? Describe your vision for a custom wood garage door, and Garage Door Enterprises will help make your vision come to life! Sometimes you want additional styles for your vision that basic installation won’t reach. If you want an arch, for instance, your garage door opening would further your wood garage door and its curb appeal. We can help you design, heighten, or lengthen your garage door opening to accommodate the garage door size you want or need.

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Opt For Faux Wood Garage Doors!

Caring for real wood can be a huge undertaking if you’re not willing to spend the extra installation and maintenance costs that wood garage doors require. If the look of wood garage doors is what you’re after, faux wood garage doors are the answer. Steel garage doors have evolved where they can imitate the look of particular wood grains.

With the same benefits that steel garage doors bring, faux wood garage doors are a wonderful alternative to real wood garage doors, which are nicer to your wallet. 



Real Wood Options 

Wood garage doors do a lot better with a stain, varnish, or sealer to prevent general weather damage and wood rot. The great thing about wood garage doors is you can always start with the original wood and then start over by sanding it down and refinishing it with a different paint color or stain.

Many homeowners like to opt for showcasing a wood type’s natural grain, but you can always add your own flair with a preferred stain or finish. We recommend this route for a longer-lasting appearance.

Wood Types

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Hemlock
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Extira
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Walnut
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Walnut Garage Doors

Walnut garage doors are an excellent real wood option for those looking for a natural door color that is incredibly rich and a garage door option that is extremely durable in nature.

Walnut garage doors are capable of withstanding intricate carving without structural collapse or decreased durability. This makes them highly customizable and a potentially highly ornate option. The enhanced customization features of walnut doors combined with its rich tone make it a beautiful design choice for increasing curb appeal and property value. This wooden door type is a beautiful match for all design styles and can be fashioned into a modern, traditional, or carriage design to fit your home’s aesthetic. 

Wood Garage Door Maintenance and Alternatives

Ask us about treated pest-controlled wood, faux wood, or a naturally seasoned garage door with reclaimed wood. Take garage door maintenance from the professionals, and your wood garage door is sure to last you a lifetime! 

Garage Door Enterprises Installs Beautiful Wood Garage Doors Near You!

Wood garage doors are a commitment, but they are well worth the investment. View our Gallery for some garage door style inspiration, and tell us when we can get started on your wood garage door installation!

Keep in mind that wooden doors are higher-end options due to their additional costs for insulation and yearly maintenance. Wood requires more maintenance than metal, so it will need to be repainted or restrained every one to two years.

Dilute simple household cleaning solution with warm water, and that will wash away dirt, mildew, and chalk that may have built up on the finish of your wood garage door. 

Talk to an expert installer from Garage Door Enterprises about the best sealant for your wood garage door. If the finish becomes badly eroded, we can discuss garage door replacement.

Yes, 100%! If you choose to update or switch up the look of your wood garage doors, the best part is knowing that you can paint your garage door as an affordable renovation. Furthermore, there are several different stains if you want to lighten, darken, or enhance natural grains in your wood garage door.  

Remember to seal your garage door with outdoor protectant for a longer-lasting fresh coat of paint.