Torquemaster Spring Conversion

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Torquemaster Spring Conversion For Improved Garage Door Function

At Garage Door Enterprises, we aim to provide homeowners in Chesapeake, VA and nearby service areas with garage door products that are safe, reliable, and able to withstand the demands of daily use. Torquemaster spring conversion is one garage door service we provide that immediately improves the overall functionality of your garage door and offers quieter garage door operation. Learn more about torquemaster spring conversion below and how upgrading to torsion springs will benefit you! 

What Are Torquemaster Springs? 

Torquemaster springs are unique in that they are enclosed inside a tube, unlike torsion springs, which are completely exposed. A torque bar inside the tube twists, storing and releasing energy which helps open and close the garage door. The initial draw of this once-innovative design was that if the garage door springs were to break, there would be less risk of injury. Also, there’d be less wear and tear on the springs because of the protective outer tube.

However, homeowners and garage door companies who have experienced these torquemaster springs over an extended period of time quickly came to recognize their downfalls.

  1. Hidden torquemaster springs make it challenging to know when damage has occurred, and garage door spring repair is necessary.
  2. Maintenance is much more difficult because the springs are not easily accessible.
  3. A garage door spring replacement requires replacing the entire torque system, which becomes costly and cumbersome. 
  4. There was a noticeable decline in the quality of individual components in the torquemaster system, including thinner cables, plastic drums vs steel drums, and smaller bearing plates. This leads to premature wear and tear and damage requiring garage door repair

Torquemaster Spring Conversion: The Benefits of Torsion Springs

If your torquemaster springs are old or damaged and it’s time for a replacement, we highly recommend torquemaster spring conversion. If you’re unsure whether your torquemaster springs need attention, contact us for a professional inspection. Our Garage Door Enterprises team expertly converts torquemaster spring systems to high-quality torsion springs. This upgrade will provide many benefits to Chesapeake, VA homeowners! 

Torsion Springs Offer:

  • High-quality garage door products – torsion springs are made of durable steel materials.
  • Easily accessible springs, which enable frequent visual inspections and straightforward garage door maintenance.   
  • Quieter garage door operation, which makes the environment in your home more comfortable.
  • Increased lifespan and a more cost-effective, long-term solution.
  • Safe garage door operation and less risk of malfunctions due to fewer individual components.

Expert Torquemaster Spring Conversion Near Chesapeake, VA

With over 25 years of garage door experience, you can trust that Garage Door Enterprises has your best interest in mind! Enjoy safer, more reliable, and quieter garage door operation with our torquemaster spring conversion near Chesapeake, VA. Receive a free estimate and guaranteed satisfaction with our 2-year service warranty. We look forward to serving you! Contact us today!

Torquemaster spring conversion is risky for anyone who does not possess the skills, training, and proper tools to handle this garage door upgrade. Stay safe, and allow our professional team of experienced garage door technicians to install your new torsion springs for you! Schedule an appointment today!

Our Garage Door Enterprises blog is an excellent resource to learn about garage door springs, how to enjoy quieter garage door operation, and much more! Here are a few related articles we think you’ll find helpful: 

If you have a Wayne Dalton garage door, there’s a good chance you have torquemaster springs. If you see black springs running horizontally above your garage door, you do not have torquemaster springs. If you’re unsure what type of springs you own and are interested in a torquemaster spring conversion, contact our team! We’ll be happy to inspect your door.

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Frank Hunt
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We lived with a "operationally challenged" wall switch for well over a year. We called one afternoon and we were set up for a service call the next morning. Then about 30 minutes later, we were called with for a chance to knock it out that afternoon. The very polite and effective technician arrive an hour later, replaced our switch, and was on his way. Couldn't be happier with their organization or performance!
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John Doe
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Glad I called GDE for my garage door repair. Jonathan diagnosed the problem swiftly and completed the repair in a timely manner. Very satisfied with their response and quality of workmanship. I will not hesitate to call them again for any issue with my garage doors
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You guys were awesome! From the quick response time estimating the job, to the outstanding quality of workmanship when the door was installed. The admin ladies were very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend GDE to family and friends, and would most likely use their services in the future when needed. In my opinion GDE exceeds a 5 stars rating. Thank you again from a satisfied customer.
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Gerry Hupp
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Very impressed with Garage Door Enterprise…Jonathan installed two heavy duty springs… and in fact … found a major flaw in the initial installation in 2006.. that required his attention…Great attention to detail…Recommended how I can improve longevity of my springs….He was very professional with a great attitude ….Nothing but quality work at an acceptable price… Would highly recommend