Modern Garage Doors

About the Installation

We completed this garage door installation for a home in Hampton VA. Our client had an out of date traditional garage door in need of a major upgrade. They were looking for a new garage door that would add fresh style and a modern twist to their home’s architecture. We immediately suggested a modern garage door featuring wide, flushed panels. They chose a brown finish and clear, vertical window openings to complete the design of their new modern garage door. We are thrilled with how this new garage door installation in Hampton VA turned out and so are our clients! Now, they can proudly show off the exterior of their home with the upgraded curb appeal. 

Benefits of Modern Garage Doors

Garage door replacement is quickly becoming one of the most successful home renovation projects for return on investment. After all, garage doors cover the majority of most home’s exterior, determining a large amount of your curb appeal. And one of the best options for garage door installation is modern garage doors. Designed with clean lines, simplicity, and an industrial finish, modern garage doors are a gorgeous addition to almost any home. Modern doors typically feature flushed garage door panels and simply window openings. They are built in a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum, glass, and wood. Are you ready to learn more about modern garage doors and our garage door installation services in Hampton VA? Contact us today!