Short Panel Garage Doors

About the Installation

We installed these traditional style, short panel garage doors for a home in Moyock, NC. Traditional garage doors are the most popular option for American homeowners so we have installed many doors like these. The door’s exterior features short, raised panels in a warm almond color. The garage opening also has a dutch opening to add more visual interest to the newly improved curb appeal of the short panel garage doors. Our client loves their new garage doors, and the improved look of their home exterior. Want to learn more about short panel garage doors and our garage door installation services in Moyock NC? Contact us today!

Benefits of New Garage Doors

Upgrading your garage door doesn’t just have to become a consideration after an accident or major garage door repair. Instead, consider all the benefits to your home from a new garage door installation. 

Improved Curb Appeal – One of the major reasons we recommend new garage doors to our customers is improved curb appeal. Old garage doors can be a major eyesore on your home, but upgraded doors like these short panel garage doors create incredible curb appeal. 

Easier Functionality – Upgrading your garage door is about more than just increased curb appeal and home value, a new garage door installation also improves the overall functionality of your garage door system. With new hardware and interior parts, your garage door will operate seamlessly.

Better Safety Measures – As the largest moving part of your home, a garage door can become dangerous without proper maintenance or replacement. But with a new garage door installation by the best local company, you can feel confident that your garage door will stay safe for your family and pets.