Traditional Garage Doors

About the Installation

We installed this traditional garage door for a home in Williamsburg, VA. When it came time for garage door replacement, our client came to us looking for a new traditional garage door that would be both stylish and functional. We helped them choose this new door with short, raised panels and clear glass, square windows. Our client loves their new garage door, and the incredible upgraded curb appeal it brings to their home. And we are so proud to be the local garage door company that could fulfill their vision for a new traditional garage door. Want to learn more about traditional garage doors and our garage door installation services in Williamsburg VA? Contact us today!

Benefits of New Garage Doors

Scheduling your new garage door installation doesn’t just have to happen after an accident! Consider all these reasons to upgrade your garage door:

Increased Home Value – In recent years, garage door replacement has become the home improvement project with the most consistent ROI. Upgrading the look and functionality of your home with a new garage door will increase the value of your home, and make you feel more confident about showing off your house. 

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home – Because your garage is such a large opening to your home, you need a garage door that will help reduce the heating and cooling loss through this entry. With a new insulated garage door, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing the amount of heating or cooling lost through your garage. This also saves you money in energy costs over the worst summer and winter months.

Enhanced Curb Appeal – One of the most important benefits of a new garage door is enhanced curb appeal. While an aging or out of style garage door can be a major eyesore, a new garage door will upgrade the look of your entire home. Plus, with garage doors available in so many different style and material options, you can design the perfect new garage door to complement your home’s architecture.