Garage Door Spring Service

Did Your Garage Door Springs Just Fail? Our GDE Solution

1. The garage door cables are broken

Homeowners often mistake an issue with the springs for the cables because when a spring breaks, the cables become unwound. Remember, one of the most essential elements of the operating system is its springs. If your springs are worn out, more stress is put on other components, which leads to other costly problems.

Cables that need replacement end up splayed all over the garage. Please contact us immediately if your garage door cables are broken or have lost their tension.

2. The garage door goes up about half a foot and then stops

You need garage door repair when your garage door goes up slowly, fails to pick up speed, stops, and then reverses. Malfunctions happen because there may be a problem with your garage door opener’s motor. It could also be a sign that the springs are not operational. 

The coils of the springs hold the tension necessary to raise and lower your door effortlessly. To test if it is the springs, close the garage door and pull the emergency release rope. With extreme caution, try to lift the door on your own. If it is really heavy, that is your indicator that the garage door springs are broken.

3. The garage door comes down too fast

You’re probably accustomed to your garage door closing at a certain speed, so anything that exceeds that is unusual. The garage door cables and springs are not designed to accommodate the total weight of the door on their own. The pulley system relies on the spring’s extreme tension to carry the door’s weight. So, if your garage door is nearly free-falling, that could indicate that your garage door springs are not working.

4. The garage door is crooked when raised or lowered

Another issue that indicates a spring problem is that the door raises and lowers unevenly. Again, the garage door springs counter the force of gravity. So, when they don’t work, the opener cannot open and close the door easily. An uneven garage door is a broken garage door that needs immediate repair!

5. The garage door makes loud, grinding noises

Some garage door openers cannot lift doors with only one spring. Overhead doors rely on operational garage door springs and a balanced distribution of weight. So, jerking motions, grinding noises, or unreliable start and stop cycles are another indication that the opener is struggling due to broken garage door springs.

Here is a simple lubricant problem we refer to as garage door maintenance. Add specialty lubricant to the springs, pulleys, hinges, and rollers. Add enough to cover all of the major parts that experience the most stress and friction but not so much that excess product drips. If a lubricant does not fix the issue, our garage door repair company can help.

6. There is a two-inch gap in the spring

Garage Door Spring Service

Another common indicator of spring issues is noticeable gaps between the spring coils. Through years of wear and tear, their constant tension inevitably causes some elongation.
You will know your garage door springs need replacement when the gap remains.

7. The top part of the door is bent

Broken garage door springs could result in the top section of your door or the top panel being bent by the cables. This is yet another indicator that one problem with your overhead door is quite the domino effect! Report this problem quickly so we can conduct garage door spring replacement.

8. The emergency release cord won’t work

The emergency rope utilizes the springs to enable you to lift the garage door easily. If the power goes out, for instance, being able to lift your garage door manually comes in handy. But, if you pull the rope and it won’t budge or is heavy, the spring’s essential counterbalance could be broken.

9. There was a loud bang when using the door

When a garage door spring breaks, an enormous amount of energy is released, which can result in a loud noise. A loud bang is a major sign that you have a broken garage door spring. Don’t wait for your broken garage door springs to fix themselves—call Garage Door Enterprises, and our technicians from Chesapeake, VA will be there as soon as possible!

Call Garage Door Enterprises For Garage Door Spring Repair in Chesapeake, VA!

The garage door secures one of the most important storage spaces and protects accessible areas of your home or business. We all expect consistent overhead door operation and little need for maintenance. If you call Garage Door Enterprises when you recognize any of the 9 problematic signs we discussed, long-lasting operation from your garage door springs is possible!

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