Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

One of the most common garage door repair services we perform is garage door spring replacement. A broken garage door spring is often the problem if you notice your garage door stuck or your garage door won’t open manually. This is because a door spring does a lot of the work to maintain the garage door’s weight. When this happens, you need to schedule garage door spring replacement to open your garage door.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service Near Chesapeake VA

With Garage Door Enterprises, you can trust that you’re getting the best garage door spring repair service near Chesapeake VA. With our top quality garage door spring replacement, we’ll ensure your garage door can operate at its best. Even if your garage door won’t open manually, we have the experience and tools to get your garage door open quickly. So if you need a new door spring, don’t hesitate to call now at (757) 482-9350 to schedule your regular or emergency garage door spring replacement.

Torsion Spring Replacements

Because torsion springs are one of the most common types of garage door springs, we frequently perform torsion spring replacements. Stocked with high cycle replacement torsion springs, our garage door technicians can perform your torsion spring replacements within one same day appointment. Just give us a call at (757) 482-9350 to schedule your garage door spring replacement!

Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement

Although not as common, we see garage door extension springs in many of our customer homes. Located on each side of your garage door, they expand and contract to operate your door. We can perform your garage door extension spring replacement within one service appointment. 

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring

A Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring is a specialty garage door spring. Installed inside a torquemaster tube, it can often be difficult to perform a Wayne Dalton spring repair and replacement. But Garage Door Enterprises is here to perform your garage door spring replacement today! We also offer torquemaster spring conversion to upgrade your garage door spring system for easier convenience.

Schedule Garage Door Spring Replacement Now!

When you have a broken garage door spring, give us a call at (757) 482-9350. With fully stocked trucks and 24/7 emergency garage door repair services, we are ready to serve you! Make an appointment today for your garage door spring replacement near Chesapeake VA.