Benefits of Modern Garage Doors

Modern Renovations For Your Garage

When upgrading your home in the modern world, one of the first things that people look to update is their kitchen, bathroom, or roof. But one eye-catching renovation that people tend to overlook is having their garage door upgraded. A newer kitchen or bathroom may look nice but does nothing to add to your home’s curb appeal—one of the best selling points for homes. Having a modern garage door will make heads turn when driving by, as well as potentially increase the value of your home.

How Do You Define “Modern”?

Modern garage doors come in many different styles and variations, with several options available for any home. “Modern” is an umbrella term encompassing a broad spectrum of garage door subcategories. Most modern garage doors are primarily characterized by simplicity and efficiency. They offer clean lines without a lot of complicated or ornate design work. 

Another thing distinguishing modern garage doors from more traditional ones is their use of windows and glass. The essence of the modern design style is functionality with zero clutter. Some of the most popular types of contemporary garage doors that people install are glass, mid-century modern, and farmhouse modern garage doors.

Our Favorite Modern Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors, also known as full-view or clear garage doors, are a type of garage door that is typically constructed out of aluminum frames with glass panels. These types of doors function similarly to standard overhead doors with tracks, springs, and hinges. The primary difference between a steel garage door and a glass garage door is how they are built.

Clear garage door panels can change what a garage can be, thanks to increased natural lighting. Glass garage doors come with a wide range of options, including insulated glass, tempered glass, and bronze glass.

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Mid Century Modern Garage Doors

Mid-century modern garage doors are closely related to classic modern design and focus on clean, uncluttered lines. Unlike other modern designs, they favor using two opposing elements and asymmetrical designs.

With these opposing elements in play, mid-century modern garage doors will make heads turn by looking sophisticated and elegant. This style also tends to focus on dark wood, flushed panels, and thin horizontal slats for doors, with no external accessories attached to the door. Most homes with a minimalist approach will have a mid-century modern garage door attached to their home.

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Farmhouse Modern Garage Doors

Farmhouse modern architecture and interior design stick to the modern tradition of being simple while also bringing in the countryside’s coziness and sense of ease. Farmhouse designs have been important to American architecture since the Colonial Era—farmhouse modern garage doors are known for their simple beauty and useful design.

Modern farmhouse garage doors used to look like old carriage houses, but now, you can have anything ranging from classic white-painted doors to sleek, modern glass doors. Most modern farmhouse garage doors typically have a unique panel design that looks like a barn door made up of diagonal crosses. Farmhouse modern design utilizes many natural materials like wood combined with muted colors.

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Modern garage doors are the new age of garage door style. They come in many variations, whether in added windows or minimalist designs. When you need a new modern garage door for your property, let Garage Door Enterprises in Chesapeake, VA, handle your new garage door installation. For more information on modern garage doors and our pricing, please call us at (757) 482-9350.

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