Everything You Need to Know About High Lift Garage Doors

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What is a High Lift Garage Door?

You might have heard the term “high lift garage door” thrown around. But that name doesn’t exactly explain what a high lift garage door is.

A high lift garage door is a specialty garage door that allows for more headroom by having the tracks closer to the ceiling.

A high lift garage door, in essence, runs close to the ceiling. Instead of being located overhead, the garage door opener is located to the side. You’ll have a lot more headroom to work with because the tracks are so close to the roof.

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When More Space is Useful

When would you need a high lift garage door? There are many reasons why one of these doors could be very useful for you.
Workshop: A high-lift garage door could be very useful if you use your garage as a workshop. This would allow you to work on whatever you need to in there. This is the way to go if you want to install a car lift or need more storage space.
Car Storage: If you need more space to store your cars in your garage, you should consider installing a car lift. This will allow you to store cars vertically, fitting more into your garage.
Entertainment: If you love to entertain, a high-lift garage door can create a lot more space. It will open up room and allow more lighting to enter your garage.
Storage: All the extra space means you can fit much more stuff in storage. The bit of extra headroom that you get can add a lot to storage space.
Whatever you want to convert your garage into, a high-lift garage door can help. The extra space can be beneficial in many ways.

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Types of High Lift Garage Doors


There are two main types of residential high lift garage doors: roll up and regular.

With a roll-up high lift garage door, the door rolls into a cylinder at the top of the door. This means that you’ll get the most possible space, all the way up to the ceiling. There will be a large roll that’s difficult to conceal, however.
With a regular high-lift garage door, the door operates on a track, like usual. However, the tracks are much closer to the ceiling, and the opener is on the side. This is the most common type of high-lift garage door, and it can work with nearly any type of garage door, even glass!
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For commercial high lift garage doors, there are a few different options.

Roll up garage doors are the most common in commercial settings. These are the easiest to install and maintain due to the materials used. It’s a great option for warehouses!
Another option for high-lift garage doors would be to have them raised vertically. In this instance, the tracks go straight up, flat against the wall. this saves a ton of room, but it will only work if you have tall ceilings.
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Want a High Lift Garage Door Installed?

If you want a high-lift garage door, contact Garage Door Enterprises. Our technicians are fully trained in all areas of high-lift garage door conversion or installation. We’ll install your new high-lift garage door easily. Contact us today for more information.

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