Garage Door Repair Cape Charles VA

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Offering Garage Door Repair in Cape Charles, VA

When it comes to garage door repair in Cape Charles, VA, you can’t find a more reliable garage door company than Garage Door Enterprises. We’ve been serving the Cape Charles area for the last several decades, so we are familiar with the common garage door repair issues local residents face. From garage door spring replacement to garage door opener repair, we have tools, parts, and expertise to solve your garage repair quickly. 

Because serving Cape Charles is our privilege, we aim to provide the highest quality emergency garage door repair services in Cape Charles, VA service. Give us a call when you’re ready to schedule garage door repair near Cape Charles, VA! Our full list of garage repair services includes:

garage door repair cape charles va

Need Emergency Garage Door Repair?

Garage Door Enterprises is available 24/7 for emergency garage door repair near Cape Charles, VA. Our garage door professionals are fully prepared to handle any emergency garage door repair needs you may have. Whether your garage door is stuck open or won’t close, you can call us any time of the day for emergency garage door repair! We understand how big of an inconvenience a broken garage door can be, which is why we work on your time. We keep our trucks stocked with tools and replacement parts so that we can handle your same-day garage repair. Call us for all emergency garage door repairs near Cape Charles, VA! 

Reset your system, replace opener remote batteries if needed, and make sure you aren’t experiencing any electrical issues. Also, check that there’s not a lock on the garage door opener. If this doesn’t work, give our team a call. 

We strongly recommend that you leave garage door spring repair to the experts. It’s an extremely dangerous garage repair, which can result in injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. It poses an even greater safety risk if you install the springs incorrectly. 

We’ll take a look at your garage door opener motor, but usually, yes we can repair the motor. If it’s too old or damaged, we’ll recommend that you invest in a new garage door opener. We can recommend the best garage door opener brands that we work with. 

If you hear a loud banging sound, see loose cables, or notice a gap between the spring coils, you have a broken garage door spring. Leave it as is and don’t try to open your garage door. Call Garage Door Enterprises immediately and we can schedule your same day garage door repair.



Garage Door Cable Replacement Near Cape Charles, VA

Garage door cables work in conjunction with the garage door springs to be able to lift and lower your garage door. When your overhead springs break, your cables are there to help safeguard the door from falling off the tracks. Garage door cables can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years and should be monitored for wear and tear. If you’re in need of garage door cable replacement, let Garage Door Enterprises be the ones to help fix your residential or commercial garage door cables in and around the surrounding Cape Charles area. For more information, give us a call.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Because your garage door springs hold a lot of tension to support the weight of your garage door, they will eventually need garage door spring replacement. This happens when you have a broken garage door spring after your garage door won’t open or you have a garage door stuck closed. That’s where Garage Door Enterprises comes in with our top-quality garage door spring replacement near Cape Charles, VA. Give us a call when you need to schedule same-day garage door repair in Cape Charles, VA!

Available For Garage Door Repair Near Cape Charles, VA

As part of serving the Cape Charles community, we frequently provide garage door repair in Cape Charles, VA. This beautiful community is one of our favorite places to service! We are also familiar with the brands of garage doors and openers so we can quickly offer the best solutions for garage door repair in Cape Charles, VA (23310). So choose your local garage door repair experts at Garage Door Enterprises! We would love to provide garage door repair service near you!