Motorized Garage Door Screen

About the Installation

Take a look at this amazing garage door screen! Built with a motor, it operates at your convenience. Our client was thrilled with this installation, exclaiming that it has done wonders to keep bugs out of their garage. If you keep your garage door open during the day, this could be a game-changer. With a garage door screen, you can turn your garage into a gym, studio, or anything you want. Garage door screens will keep heat and bugs out of your garage. It will operate independently from your garage door, so you can add whichever screen you want to your existing garage door. Garage door screens can be customized with different fabrics, colors, and lighting. Learn more about installing a garage door screen today at your home in Chesapeake VA!

Benefits of Garage Door Screens

There are many benefits to garage door screens, which is why they’re becoming more popular. Garage door screens are convenient features that will help to give you privacy, keep bugs out, and conserve energy.


With a garage door screen, your garage will have more privacy from outside eyes. You can feel free to transform your garage into a personal space, with more privacy from the outside. Garage door screens can even be tinted for additional privacy. 

Keep Bugs Out

Especially in the warm summer months, bugs are a huge problem. They can get inside your garage, and then creep into your home when you’re opening and closing the door. With a garage door screen, you can keep bugs from camping out in your garage. 

Conserve Energy

You can conserve energy by installing a garage door screen. Less heat and air conditioning will escape, which can help save you money. You can also protect outside furniture from fading in the sun and the garage door screen will provide shade and cooling.