Roll Up Doors

About the Installation

We worked on this roll up door project to increase our client’s commercial door headroom. We converted this 10×10 to a 10×14 by increasing the opening height and installing a new roll up door. We listened to the client’s wishes and were able to do exactly what they wanted. With commercial door projects, we have the experience to handle installation with expertise and accuracy. On each job, we work hard to ensure that your roll up door will be reliable for everyday operation. Are you looking for commercial door installation for your business in Chesapeake VA? Contact us today to learn more information! 

Benefits of Roll Up Doors

If your business invests in a new commercial door installation, it’s sure to impact your curb appeal, streamline your business operation, and help with safety measures. 

Increased Curb Appeal

This new commercial door goes a long way to upgrade the look of our client’s property. This is sure to increase curb appeal, for potential customers or business investors. If your commercial business installs a new roll up door, it will increase your curb appeal. You’ve invested in a new feature for your building, showing that you care about first impressions. 


Since your commercial door is in constant use, it may experience issues from time to time. If you go through with commercial door installation, your new roll up door should function much better. Your business needs a reliable commercial door for everyday operation.


Your business may have vehicles entering and exiting through your commercial door, or you may be using it as a loading dock. Either way, your commercial door needs to operate safely for the sake of your employees. With a new commercial door, safety is of the utmost importance. At Garage Door Enterprises, we take safety seriously with every commercial door installation.