Reframe Garage Door Opening Project

About the Installation

Installing this Garaga Regal N24 garage door was made super easy by our expert technicians here at Garage Door Enterprises. Our client reached out to us for a consultation requesting a new garage door installation. After discussing what best would fit their needs, they chose the Garaga N24 garage door. The Garaga N24 can be outfitted in a wide range of colors and window types. By installing a new garage door, we upgraded our client’s home with a contemporary and stylish new look. Our client was ecstatic with the end result, and they couldn’t wait to show off their home to the rest of the neighborhood! 

Part of the installation process was to reframe the garage door opening. The original door was a 9’ x 7’ one-piece steel door, which we framed down to 6’6″ tall to clear the low interior ceiling. We then installed this new 9’ x 6’ 6” garage door. With the new garage door framing, this door easily operates and clears the low ceiling height. 

Benefits of Reframing Your Garage Door

Reframing residential garage doors is becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Reframing insulated garage doors comes with many different benefits such as:

Improved Curb Appeal

When your reframed garage door fits according to how you want, your garage adds increased visual home value. Reframing your garage door transforms the outside of your entrance drastically to fit your opening. By keeping the same style, you increase the longevity of your garage door while still complementing your home.

Increased Performance

Your garage door is meant to open and close consistently throughout the day. By reframing your garage door, you can be sure that its performance won’t be hindered by inaccurate measurements. By adjusting your home’s door, you’ll enjoy an increased performance by having your garage door fit appropriately with its interior ceiling. Your reframed garage door will no longer get caught in the interior ceiling, causing damaging your door, as well as your home.

Minimized Energy Loss 

It’s no surprise that most energy-saving advice ignores your garage. Many garages have conditioned rooms above them, and many of them have a door that leads directly into the house. Reframing your garage door allows for your home’s air to not escape through the opening, creating better energy efficiency. By reframing your garage door, you can reduce the amount of energy escaping and better regulate the temperature of your home.