Garaga N24 Garage Door

About the Installation

When it came to installing this brand new Garaga Regal N24 garage door for one of our clients, our expert technicians at Garage Door Enterprises went above and beyond the call of duty. Following a consultation with our client and the selection of a new style, our technicians got to work. We installed a brand new Garaga Regal N24 garage door at our client’s residence to give it a fresh new look. By choosing a color for their garage door that matched the color of their house, they were able to completely transform the appearance and feel of their home. 

Thye also chose an insulated garage door. Did you know that insulated garage doors are far more durable than non-insulated ones? Insulated garage doors like the Garaga Regal N24 are constructed differently than single-layer garage doors. A steel or aluminum frame is used in the construction of many of today’s insulated doors. It’s then sandwiched between single or dual steel panels, with the solid-core insulation filling up the gaps. You can build an energy-efficient door that is lighter and less prone to denting than older, uninsulated doors using this technique.