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Do you need garage door repair in Portsmouth, VA? Choose the local experts at Garage Door Enterprises! Our team of garage door repair specialists is ready to serve your home with the best garage door repair in Portsmouth, VA. From broken garage door spring replacement to garage door opener repair, we have the tools and replacement parts to restore your garage door. Just give us a call!

We frequently provide garage door repair near Portsmouth, VA in all of the following areas:

  • Westhaven
  • Olde Towne
  • Churchland
  • Port Norfolk
  • West Norfolk
  • Armistead Forest
  • Cradock
  • Westhaven Park
  • Williams Court
  • West Park View
  • Academy Park
  • Shea Terrace
  • Park View
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We strongly advise against attempting to replace a garage door spring if you aren’t trained. Handling garage door springs can be very dangerous because of the tension they hold. You could badly injure yourself or someone else if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, call us for your garage door spring replacement and we will come quickly to perform your garage repair.

It’s not a good sign if your garage door is coming up at an angle or moving crookedly. Most likely, the door has come off the track. You may need your rollers replaced as well. The most important thing in this situation is to stop using your garage door. Continuing to use the door will cause additional strain on your garage door system and potentially break more parts. Instead, give us a call and we’ll repair the garage door quickly! 

Garage door openers typically last from 10-15 years. This number will depend on how often you use your garage door and if you have a quality garage door. If you have a trusted brand, such as LiftMaster or Genie, it should last a long time. If you need a replacement garage door opener, we can recommend our favorite brands and set you up with a new garage door opener.

We recommend that you schedule garage door maintenance at least once a year preferably in the spring or fall. If you notice that you have loose parts or that your garage door is making grinding noises, it’s important to schedule a garage door tune up before something breaks or malfunctions. 



Garage Door Opener Repair Near Portsmouth, VA

Because your garage door opener ensures that you can easily access your garage, a broken garage door opener can be a major headache. A common sign that you need garage door opener repair is when your garage door won’t open or the garage door keypad not working.

That’s why we offer speedy, reliable garage door opener repair near Portsmouth, VA. It is our aim to be at your home the same day to restore your garage door to top function. So don’t delay your garage door repair in Portsmouth, VA. Let us come to you for garage door opener repair today!

We also provide garage door opener replacement if your opener is outdated or can’t be fixed. Reach out to us to learn more!

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We Offer Emergency Garage Door Repair Near You

Garage Door Enterprises is here for your garage door repair Portsmouth, VA (23507, 23510, 23523, 23701-23709) needs. With our 24/7 emergency garage door repair service, we can easily solve any problem with your garage door. Whether your garage door won’t close or your garage door is not working, we are here for you! Just call us to schedule your garage door repair in Portsmouth, VA!

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If you find yourself in need of garage door repair in Portsmouth, VA, then call Garage Door Enterprises! We can get your garage door working perfectly again in no time. If you’re having any issues with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call us! We offer emergency garage door repair so that you can get your day back on track as quickly as possible. Call now!